Freedom-ballet – «The Boudoir»
Молодой театр

Freedom Ballet presents a new SHKAF performance

Olena Kolyadenko’s Freedom Ballet present their brand new mesmerizing SHKAF performance.

Each their move will fascinate you from the very first second, each their appearance on stage is not a mere dance – it’s an entire lifetime replete with intrigue, passion, drama, freestyle, love and beauty.

On stage you will see 14 dancers experimenting with plastique, light and music. They will be donning various images, turning every ritual into farce. They will incarnate myriads of lives never repeating, they are utterly candid. The objective of their everlasting experiment is to cognize themselves so deeply as to dispense with their masks. Yet, the spectators will be the main participant in their experiment. Those who cosily ensconced in the comfortable safety of the hall, looking at the brightly lit stage.